The Gruesome result

Well, not that grusome, but I thought that you might like to see some pictures of the swelling and bruising… If not, just skip over this one…

I’ve left the clickables “very high res” intentionally, as they were all taken with my “closeup” camera setting. They are 2048×1536 and just over 0.6MB each.

Comparative Ankle shot. This is the Comparision shot, so you can see what size my ankle should be! I have very dainty ankles usually…

Closeshot of the graize the buckle of my shoe gave me.Strangely, this looks really deep, but it didn’t bleed at all. I’m glad that the edges are showing no signs of infection, that would certainly complicate matters!

An upshot of the bruise colourationThe darker background of the wall gives a better contrast for showing of the colouration of the bruise.

The nearside angle of my ankleSame again. Not sure why it has bruised there the way it has though. This shot also shows the bruising running up my leg.

The Offside angle of my ankle.  Shows the swelling particularly well.Pretty colours. As this is the main site of the injury, I’m not surprised it is so colourful. Awkward angle to take a shot of though! This shot also shows the swelling on the toes particularly well.

2 thoughts on “The Gruesome result”

  1. Ouch ouch ouch you poor wee thing you. I would offer to kiss it better but I dont do even vagely near feet

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