So, back to the Knitting…

I know, I so owe everyone *lots* of pictures. I just haven’t had time to take any of the knitting (or anything else!) recently! 🙁

WIPS? I’m suddenly seemingly into Colinette… Blame Loop, for that… I keep wandering in there at seemingly inopportune moments, and walking out with some of it!

My first Loop encounter lead to creating a Shrug in 2×2 ribbing, using the “Jamboree” colourway of Prism. Provisionally CO40, Joined into round after 10″, I’ll knit until I run out of yarn! then, pick up the back, and do the other arm. I’m using 6.5mm, am knitting the arm on 2 circs! I will take pictures I promise!

I’m also quickly teasing out another scarf, for Karl’s b’day this time. Althoer idle oop wandering, I saw a skein of Colinette Graffiti, in their “Velvet Bilbury” Colourway, and immediately thought “Karl”, as Rich Purple is his fav colour.

I still owe him a hat as well, so I got 5 skeins (it is only 80m/100g) to do the lot. I’m Moss Stitching on 10mm (it recommends 5.5mm, but I wanted light, airy, and anyway, I think the yarn is far too chunky for 5.5mm!), and now I’ve cracked continental purling, is just whizzing by.

The hat is going to have to be a lot tighter to be wind proof, but for a scarf, a nice pair of 10mm Addi Bamboos are fantastic. :-). Not sure for the hat, I’ll try a swatch on 5.5mm, but as I said, I think the yarn is too chunky, and will look very crowded.

Other WIPS, Noro Silver Thaw Scarf seems to be getting a great deal of my casual attention, and it now about 1m long! It looks fantastic, its going to be spectacular when it is finished. 🙂

The booga of my mother got felted over the weekend, but its still got some stitch definition, even after 2 rounds in the machine, so it is going to have to go again! Kuyreon does that sometimes though… My own Booga, is still where I left it, about 4″ tall, and 6 weeks ago I think.

The French Market Bag got frogged a while ago, and moved to Undyed Pencil Roving on 12mm. I’m about the same stage in construction as the picture of the Original shows though, 34st of 50 on each quarter. I’m going to paint it with splodges of Kool-aid Colour before I felt it.

There is also a vestigial scarf in the same acrylic as Karl’s hat MkI (I really do have to upload that pic!) in my knitting bag, which I’m knitting up for the chap to which I gave the hat! As it is blazing hot, I’m not stressing over it in anyway.

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  1. I’ve posted my photos from last night. I had such a fabulous time, I can’t even put it into words. I look forward to seeing you again soon!

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