Recovery position

Well, it seems that RICE and Ibuprofen are two good things… The Ankle is not too bad at all now, the Swelling is still there, and it is turning a nice shade of yellowy purple, but the pain is much abated. 🙂

The body is a clever thing really, using the swelling as a splint to keep the healing bits as immobile as possible. I’m wiggling my toes though, and they all work, and my ankle can rotate OK, so I’m guessing I didn’t tear anything.. *phew!*

With the aid of the Crutches, it will weight bare now, and my pecs seem to have caught up with the extra activity that I’m asking from them, so hopefully, if I can bare to negotiate the Tube (or find out what Bus I need to get to work!), I can get back to work ASAP, and stop losing more money. The BIG downside of Contracting.

I’m actually annoyed on more than one level about this enforced time off… I wanted to go to Avebury for the Summer Solstice… But I had to change my mind ‘cos I just didn’t have quite enough money in the bank to cover the non-working days… Now? Instead of just those 2 days off, I’m probably going to have to take a week!

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