More Family Saga…

Thank you all for your e-mails, thoughts, comments and *hugs*. It is good to know people care.

Saturday was filled up with Visiting Granddad, and dealing with family fallout. I swear, that bit is far more tiring than the whole “Granddad near death” stuff. I can cope with that, its the easy part.

I spent most of Saturday afternoon calming him down. He can’t argue with me (Although he tries ;-)), I just don’t give it back, never have done. So, I just sat there, listened to him rant on about stuff, and pointing out that we care lots, otherwise we wouldn’t be here, until he ran out of Rant. Then, I got him to talk about the real issues that are bugging him. And boy, it’s some big stuff, but I won’t talk about that here. Hopefully, it’s all good, emotional healing though, and that will help with everything.

Why is Granddad so agitated however? Well, Auntie Mary is getting very precious about “Oh, my Daddy is dying” (her words apparently!), and is trying to come in, take everything over and boss Mum about, (if she doesn’t get enough of that from Granddad already! It’s all emotional Ping-pong, Mum doesn’t know whether she is coming or going…) has been telling lots of lies to Maureen and Fred (Maureen is Granddad’s 2nd Cousin, and lives 6 doors down from him) about how Mum is shutting Auntie Mary out, and mis-treating Granddad (Yeah, right!) and is generally behaving like a spoiled brat.

Apparently, Mum and Auntie Mary had a screaming match (well, mostly Auntie Mary Screaming at Mum it seems) in the Hospital on Friday… And, although the Doc said that Granddad could come home on Saturday morning, Auntie Mary stuck an oar in, telling the Nurses there would be no-one at home to take care of him (and we know that is so not true!) and so blocked it for him, in a very clumsy manner… and so he *really* doesn’t like Auntie Mary right now, told us to go before she visitied on Saturday, and apparently ignored her for all the time she was there!

However, Mum threatened to nominate her executorship of Granddad’s will over to me, and she’s been as nice as pie since… I wonder why that is.. 😉 Could be that I “don’t do Brat” and you cannot bully me.

On a brighter front, hopefully, he will be home today, so that is good in some ways. Mum’s happy about it, so, we shall see eh?

One thought on “More Family Saga…”

  1. Auntie Mary reminds me of the song;;;;
    [scottish tune]
    Auntie Mary
    Had a Canary
    oop the leg ‘o’ her draws!

    Keep your chin up girl! Julie x

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