I met BigPinkCookie last night

Christine has come over for a couple of weeks, visiting here, there, everywhere and Ann, being a good ‘blog mate, brought her to Angel Knits

Like Jane @ NW London Ktog, she is another mad person that knits socks on tiny needles.

Here is her 1.25mm Addi turbo, contrasted with a pair of lovely 25mm needles I had in my bag to loan Erssie for an experiment with knitting up strips of Old Jeans.

25 mm needles vs 1.25 mm needles

I’ll let her off though, because she takes good pics…

One thought on “I met BigPinkCookie last night”

  1. Ah, another pint-drinking girlie, knew I liked ya!!! 🙂
    Sorry about yer bloke, somethings are just not meant eh?

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