Blair laid bare: the article that may get you arrested

This is one frightening article aobut how our personal freedoms have been erroded in the name of “Greater Security in the face of Terror” Blair laid bare

So not cool.

One thought on “Blair laid bare: the article that may get you arrested”

  1. Hi Nikki
    My family are sick of me banging on about this! A lady has recently moved to our village and she’s a treasure!! She is “a good age” but is a rabid Anti-arms campaigner. She gets arrested all the time. She’s my utter heroine and when the kids are a bit older I’ve warned them all I’m off to campaign! She was there when the lady mentioned in that article got arrested for standing reading the names of the dead. She wanted to give the sixth form kids some leaflets about the government getting a whole new generation of nuclear weapons in by the back door. As an ex-teacher of twenty years I would welcome her with open arms into a lesson but the school kept her outside the door and took the leaflets – probably binned ’em. They are supposed to be educating our children but in what? I read George Monbiot’s webpages all the time and rant to anyone I can con into listening! It pisses me off when people do that “Oh politics – so boring” when it’s their f’ing freedom being eroded and they are too lazy to see! Rant over! thanks for the link, hope the leg is improving a bit
    Sal x

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