Well, I’m back at work…

…and it’s Dull.

In other news, my Ankle is lovely yellow/red colours, but much less swollen all round, which is all good. It’s itching as it heals though, and I have to rub it wihtthe bandage to stop me ripping chunks out of my skin! I also want to rip the scab off of the wound… I know if I do I will end up with a HUGE scar, and probably an infection as well. MUST-RESIST MUST-RESIST MUST-RESIST… It is so tempting though, it’s so ready to come off… I know, I’m gross!

So, what with the good healing, I managed to break free of my prison over the weekend, and I did a few things. Saturday, Tina collected me, and we went over to Basing, to see the guys and catch up. However, it was quite surprising how few “Old faces” there actually were. 🙁

Sunday, popped over to Granddad’s to see how he was, and then back home for the Canadian GP. The lovely Alex came over as well, gave my ankle lots of Qi, and then we went over to CineWorld to watch Hard Candy. A most bizzare, strange and very thought provoking movie, if far too choppy in film style. Just be prepared to come out of the cinema asking more questions than the film answers.

Well, teh Physio sed

That I’m doing fine. It is exactly how a 5 day old bad sprain should be, but he was very impressed with the extent the pretty colours came up my leg though…

I have to still keep with the Ice and Elevation, but also its ready to get excercised. This helps take down the swelling further, and is basically, “Wiggling of toes” “Rotating ankle side-to-side” and “flapping ankle up-and-down” motions. I’ve also got to try and push the weight bearing a little now as well, and I’ve been told to ditch the left Crutch as soon as I’m able, but certainly by Friday, so I can get back to work with mobility. He was very happy with my range of motion at this time though, and confirmed no torn ligaments in there. So, that is all good. Mind you, he reckons I’ll be as good as new in a “Couple of Months” so that is annoying. I’ll be trapped in flat shoes forever!

You know, I’ve said it before so I’ll say it again, our NHS are fantastic… as long as it is “Urgent”. Not only was I delt with speedily on Thursday, but today, I had my A&E consult at 10:30, they refered to the physio, who saw me at 13:30. (I got lots of knitting done in the 2 hour gap!) then assessed and out by 14:15 and home by 15:00, in Patient Transport no less!! I get picked up again at 09:00 on the 6th for a session of “Stretching it after the swelling” Physio… which I know is going to hurt, and I’m sort of not looking forward to it!

So, I’m pretty much off until Monday, and I’ve got to talk to the boss, and get assigned “a desk job” for the next few weeks, cos there is pretty much no way I’m going to be able to carry the stuff about for a while! 🙁

The Gruesome result

Well, not that grusome, but I thought that you might like to see some pictures of the swelling and bruising… If not, just skip over this one…

I’ve left the clickables “very high res” intentionally, as they were all taken with my “closeup” camera setting. They are 2048×1536 and just over 0.6MB each.

Comparative Ankle shot. This is the Comparision shot, so you can see what size my ankle should be! I have very dainty ankles usually…

Closeshot of the graize the buckle of my shoe gave me.Strangely, this looks really deep, but it didn’t bleed at all. I’m glad that the edges are showing no signs of infection, that would certainly complicate matters!

An upshot of the bruise colourationThe darker background of the wall gives a better contrast for showing of the colouration of the bruise.

The nearside angle of my ankleSame again. Not sure why it has bruised there the way it has though. This shot also shows the bruising running up my leg.

The Offside angle of my ankle.  Shows the swelling particularly well.Pretty colours. As this is the main site of the injury, I’m not surprised it is so colourful. Awkward angle to take a shot of though! This shot also shows the swelling on the toes particularly well.