Secret Pal 7 – Final reveal

I know, it’s been too long, and I should have revealed ages ago… but I’ve been spoiling UKnitty

I’ve enjoyed spoiling, although, poor UKnitty has been off line for most of the exchange, you can read about her Horrid Gall Bladder op on her ‘blog!

As you can probably guess, I’ve not entered SP8, simply because I’d run out of ideas. I’m probably up for SP9 though.

A post about real stuff for a change!

I know, I’ve been throwing out posts that are just “‘blogthings”, rather than actually about life… I’ve been busy living again! 🙂 You know how it goes.

Hmm, where did I leave it last… Just after I knit London, wasn’t it. What have I been up to since then…

Well, Not sleeping again, that is for sure. With my organisation of the StageShows for Kinkfest 3, these are the crutial weeks where I need to get all the acts confirmed, and the organisation all sorted, so I can then rest easy ish for the next 6 weks or so, untill it all kicks off again in July. So, I’ve been burning the midnight oil, frantically e-mailing people!

However, I have found time for some fun, if not knitting (I haven’t been to NWLondonKtog in over a month I think… 🙁 )

So, just what Fun have I managed to squeeze in then?

Last Friday, I went to see The Rocky Horror Show at new Wimbledon Theatre. OUTSTANDING is the superlative that goes with

This “adaptation” has actually taken the script back to its roots. Using the Original Book, and striping all the added gags, bits, bobs and “improvements” that have been added over the last 33 years, it was set back into the original costume ideas (reflecting the “’50’s B-Movie Horror” genre that Richard O’Brien loves so much), and it was very fast paced, trim, fit (and that wasn’t just Rocky! 😉 ) and just plain fantastic. A good hour and three quarters in length, the time just flew by, and it was the first time in my life I’ve ever been moved to give a Standing Ovation, rather than just doing it because all around me were doing so.

I so want to go again, but looking at the site, the run seems to be nearly over, and nowhere near home anymore 🙁 It hints at Bromley, but that isn’t in the confirmed date line-up. Oh well…

I’ve also been finding “Luff” and “Spirituality” again It’s all very good, “strange and new” and yet very comfy and luffly at the same time.

About 8 years ago, my mate Gary invited me to his 30th, and I met all of his mates there… It was a cracking night, we all had a good time dancing, singing and generally merry-making. I flirted outrageously with all concerned, as is my wont, and pretty much thought nothing more of it.

It seems however that I left very strong impressions with one of the chaps, so much that
when his most recent relationship ended, he decided to look me up. It turns out that he has some very similar interests to myself, and so after a few false starts, some e-mail, a not so chance meeting and a flurry of flirting, e-mails and goings out, we spent pretty much the whole of this weekend just gone exploring those posibilites… 😉

Not sure where it is going, and I don’t I care that I’m not sure. All I know is that right now, I’m a happy lady. It is just good to have someone to care about (I’ve been told I’m not allowed to fall in love with him…) and to care about you, and I’m not going to quantify anymore. Sometimes you need to enjoy the unfolding mystery in your life… 😉

I’ve also got a recent obsession to learn Tarot again. I’ve tried several times in the past, (The first time was about age 11, when Mum for some reason bought a Rider-Waite-Smith Deck…) and I’ve owned my own Tarot cards since 1990 (I can even remember buying them! Being a Pennyless student at the time, and not at all Pagan at that point, I just felt drawn to them in the shop (I still am, I’ve never seen a set of Tarot Art work I love more, before or since), and hummed and hawwed about spending £20 of my precious Grant Money on a Frivolity. I still bought them though…) but it is really is a lot to take in, and I’ve never been visually movitated imagination wise.

So, my recent spike in interest again is both surprising but welcome. I think that this is because I was lacking in guidence and motivation, and I’ve felt for a while that I’ve needed to find a spiritual focus again. I chose Paganism as a path in about 1999, did lots of research and feel very happy that the spiritual path I’m on “just fits”. However, I haven’t had my focus on Spirituality since I left Dartford really, and 3 years is far too long to have left “more than a nod to the Gods” lying fallow.

Also, people turn up in your life for a reason. My friend Rachel is Pagan, and Alex is Taoist, so both have a Spritual outlook similar to my own, and as well as being “luffly”, Mysterious Guy is also Pagan, and has so much knowledge in his head about the Arcane, much more than I do… He calls me “O Guru of the Dark Arts” we we are talking Kink, but I also think that he is my “Guru in the Mystic Arts”…
The universe it trying to tell me something, and Fair exchange is no robbery eh?

MEME: Some seemingly Random facts about my birthdate

If you want your Random Facts, go here

Consider yourself tagged if you want to be…

Your date of birth was 04 November 1970

Your conception was on or about 11 February 1970
(My Mum told me I was conceived on St Valentine’s day… well, you know how that goes!)
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The date of Rosh Hashanah in the year of your birth was Thursday, 1 October 1970.
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Your Life path number is 5. Gosh, all this is frightenly accurate…

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Most Sources agree that your birthstone is Citrine citrine
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Yellow Topaz, Pearl, Diamond
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Walnut Tree, the Passion

Unrelenting, strange and full of contrasts, often egoistic, aggressive, noble, broad horizon, unexpected reactions, spontaneous, unlimited ambition, no flexibility, difficult and uncommon partner, not always liked but often admired, ingenious strategist, very jealous and passionate, no compromises.

Copyright © 2006 Paul R. Sadowski (

Blogthings – What Tarot Card Are You?

OK, Ruth did it, and as with her, mine is quite appropriate for where I am in life right now as well…

You Are The Magician

You are powerful and wise – beyond what anyone can see.
Deeply complex, you have the resources to connect to the spiritual and material world.
You posses the knowledge to manipulate your life and the lives around you.
You also have a great healing power, should you choose to use it.

Your fortune:

You have unhidden powers that you have yet to tap into.
Soon, you will better understand how to use your intellect and intuition.
Believe it or now, you will discover how you can manipulate yourself and others for good.
You are at the beginning of a path of spiritual enlightenment.