Absence makes the heart grow fonder… honest!

I know, I’ve been off living life rather than talking about it again… 😉

So, what have I been doing then?

  • Working
  • Sleeping
  • (not enough) Knitting
  • Formula 1
  • Party Party

Not much really of note has happened, no life shaking stuff. I worked over Easter, refitting one of our Library sites with PCs for their Grand Re-opening. The Poor Library Manager, given that they’ve spent a fortune on the rebuild, they gave him virtually nothing for new shelving, Public PC stations and office furniture! He’s had to buy “cheap desks” from IKEA for everywhere that wasn’t Public facing, and even a couple of places that are!

So, that left me rather tired, to say the least. I’m not the fittest girl really, and although strong, I’m carrying about 8 stone in excess fat (so yuk), so having a weeks worth of very physical, dirty and grotty lumping PCs, and crawling under desks, although refreshing mentally, pretty much removed any energy reserves I had. I spent Easter Saturday and Sunday on the Sofa, pretty much not moving! My hip is still not quite back where it should be from it either… So, I need to make a trip to the Osteo pretty soon as well.

I haven’t managed to get to AngelKnits for nearly a month, and have only managed NW London ktog once in the last month as well. 🙁 All poo. I’ve been booga making mostly, I finished the I-Cord for the far more colourful second attempt last night. All my other knitting has been languising in my bag. I’ve also realised that I’ve only got 4 active WIPS as well. Really must update the WIP page!

When I’ve not been working, and sleeping, I’ve managed a little going out. Having worked over Easter, I decied that ltaking last Friday off was a good idea. Especially as Pedestal was the night before! 😉 As usual, much fun was had, it really is a lovely club, with a very pleasent vibe. Friday morning, after 5 hours sleep, I got woken up by a recruiter, but more on that in a sec. I had a late lunch with Theda on Friday afternoon, where we set the world to rights over Hot Chocolate and Chai Tea Latte, and then I dashed over to Karl’s and we visited and . I think Karl got me home about midnight, and all the walking, and what with the lack of sleep, especially after not properly recovering from Easter, resulted in a very tired and in pain Nikki.

was this weekend just gone, so I was awake at 12:30 for the Quali. This is the sixth new format in three years, but oh soMuch than the last 5 itterations! The feel is finally getting back to the thrill and energy of not knowing what was were until the last second that we as spectators loved, but the advertisers hated because no one went out for ages…. this new quali fixes 99% of that advertisers issues, and IMHO, all they need to do is get rid of this obsession with carrying race fuel around for quali, and it will be properly sorted, and must watch television again. I know the last two years I’ve not been really watching Quali, if I was there when it was on, well and good, but I didn’t make an effort. Whereas with the original format (and this new style), I made supreme effort to never miss a session.)

So, after watching Quali, I showered, and then headed out for the evening. Picked up the tickets for the Gang for Hades, and headed over to Karl’s who cooked us Ladies dinner before hand. A most scrumy lasagne, garlic bread and Salad. He will make someone a wonderful Wife someday 😉

Hades itself? All good and most fun, having it at Colloseum is very good, even if the Venue charges outrageous prices for Soft drinks. I mean £2.20 for a can of Pepsi!

So, after all that, Sunday was spent mostly watching San Marino and other stuff, and knitting to DVDs. I still didn’t manage enough sleep though! I’m promissing myself an early night on Thursday.

Oh, and on a squicky, hormonal note, I’m entering my 3rd month of this current menstruation. I started on 20th Jan, and its still going strong. I know that is another reason why I am so tired, I mean, bleeding for 3 months solid has to take it out of a girl!

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