Olympia thoughts

Well, there was quite a bit of yarn, just some of it is not in stands you would expect….

{Mutter grumble} Silkwood… {Mutter grumble} Yarn Seduction… {Mutter grumble} Breaking Yarn Diet…

Silkwood Yarns

LOL Seriously, I’d never seen Silkwood Yarns in the flesh before, but they are just fabbly. I bought (warning, pics taken with emergency camera, and they are really really bad!)

  • Some “Silver-grey with Earth tones” Roving that I felt drawn to.
    Silkwood Roving
    Not my usual colours, but it was saying “Shrug” to me…
  • Some “Multiple Blues” Mohair.
    Mohair in Blues
    So totally not my usual grade of yarn, but it told me to make a Large needles Summer Stole from it… NOW!!!

I couldn’t believe the yardage on the Mohair, here they are both balled up:
Silkwood Roving and Mohair Balls

There is 200g of the Roving and 300g of the Mohair. It took me about 20 minutes to ball the Roving, and 4 hours to ball the Mohair… Still, I watched LOTR:FOTR whilst I was doing it, so no bad really!

Hipknits were there as well, with lots of Yummy Silks, kindly hosting Woolly Wormhead’s Hats, which are all wonderful.

HipKnits and Woolly Wormhead's hats

Wool ‘n’ Boat were there with their hand made needles, alternative yarns and their speciality BIG yarn ‘n’ BIG needles as per usual, and even treated us to a serenade at the end of the show! 🙂< .p>

Get Knitted , in total contrast to a very good stall at Ally Pally, here there was nothing but Opal Sock wools and some of their Debbie Bliss Maya stocks, I thought is all “poor offerings” as I was after some Bamboo Silk to try out… However, I heard that they were invited to exhibit at very short notice.

There was a lady selling a very paultry selection of Colinette and Patons Whisper on the same stall, and The Patons stand looked very yarn sparce as well. *shrug*. There was the usual rumage pit on the Black Sheep stand, and a couple of non-specialist yarn sellers (Pony needles, nothing special) tucked away at the back of the top floor, but it really was aimed at the Cross Stitch and Papercrafts communities, with a little quilting, knitting and other arts thrown in really…

Something non-knitting related that really caught my eye were some FANTASIC Embroidery Silks from “De Haviland Embroidery” on the Ground Floor. Such gorgeous vibrant colours! I wanted to buy, but as I’m a large needles lover, not for me. *Sigh* However, if you are a laceweight knitter, their 2ply rope-twist would make wonderful knitting! I also suspect that her 2-ply flat-twist thread would make wonderful 1.5mm needle sock yarn. I have details if anyone wants them…

Erssie and Anna, heroic work on the Cast-Off stand! If you stopped by, you will have seen see why…
Anna and Erssie on the Cast Off Stand

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  1. Nice to see you too!! I’ve just uploaded some pics of the show on my blog if you want to have a look – I didn’t even think of taking a pic of all of us together there, oh well… See ya tomorrow?


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