I’ve been having a life again, haven’t I…

I’ve got too much to say, but nothing really “focused” for sharing, so let’s give it a go…

  • Knitting goes good, I’ve finally clicked proper tension for Continental, and the technique is lovely. So fast!!! I’m still not ready to Purl lots, as it gives me hand cramp, but it really is generally just better than English.
    So, both boogas are happening really well (although, I’m having hassle with a too twistly cable on my circ with the jewel coloured one!), although I’ve had to swap back to English to make the I-Cord.
    I’ve swapped FMB to Continental (It’s being felted, so doesn’t matter in the slight change in tension… 😉 ), and Karl’s hat is pretty much nearly finished. Which is good, as he is back this weekend! I just need to knit one more row of decreases then “cast off” (I’m going to run the yarn though and pull, then weave in to finish), but I ran out of time on Wednesday at NWLondonKTOG.
    I am worried about it though, as I did the decreases on my Circ (AnnaRella has my 9mm DPNs for a project) and there are significant gaps where I’ve done the k2togs. I’m sort of hoping it will sort itself out in the block… If not, rip it back 8 rows and start again! I’m also paranoid he will hate the colours. We shall see…
  • I did a Craft Faire with Erssie to sell my stitchmarkers on the 10th. I spent the 2 weeks before making up new markers (hence the “Coming soon…” update on the Stitchmarker page) getting a stand together and sales materials. I printed up a batch of flyers, and got pretty paper and paper bags to wrap the sold markers in.
    As it got closer to the day though, and I found out that it was basically just in a church hall, I got a bad feeling…
    My gut was right, as per usual. It was a reallly really really small event (6 stalls) organised by a small knitting circle in Borhamwood.
    So, although I sold 3 markers, and 2 skeins of Kerrie’s HipKnits Silk that was on my table, I lost money by attending. Not too much, but certainly enough to be annoying for all the effort! Still, it was good experience… Honest! Due to the lack of people through the door, I also got a rather large amount of my Noro Lace Scarf done. So, some good there!

What else… {scratches head}

  • Secret pal wise, my Spoilee sent me a card!
    Card from my spoilee!

    I’ve been spoiling her rotten, because she has really been through the ringer recently. I’ve got some nummy last minute pressies lined up to send out.
    I haven’t really heard from my Spoiler much, (and I now realise I’ve been missing my camera a whole month! Ho horrid is that!) but she has been busy.
  • Other social has been a whirl, fun, but exhausting. I’ve not been getting enough sleep again… 🙁
  • I really enjoyed the Bahrain GP, and am looking forward to another exciting race in Malaysia this week!
  • I’ve just signed up to HomeChoice because our Tele Signal is really bad… and I want to watch my GPs in style! 😉 That and I get 4MB broadband for the same price as I’m currently paying 1MB for, with 32 Tele channels!
  • I’m involved in a secret fibre based project. I’m really excited about it as well! More as soon as I’m allowed to release it… shouldn’t be too long!

3 thoughts on “I’ve been having a life again, haven’t I…”

  1. Shame about the craft fair 🙁 I’ve done the church hall thing. My mate did a whole weekend in one once and nearly went mad! Now she won’t go if they can’t tell her how many stalls and how many to expect through the door. Better luck next time 🙂
    Sal x

  2. Hi-you can knit socks any thickness you like. They are not hard, really. I use the two circular needles method.
    Thanks for you kind comment re the sock.

  3. So, you’re on a “secret fibre-based project” – does that mean your doctor told you to go back on the All-Bran or what ? ;-P


    Did you get my Christmas card, BTW ? I’m not sure if I’ve still got your right address !

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