I’ve been booga-ing all week…

The Booga bag that has taken on a “I want to be finished NOW!!!” attitude! Continental is so easy, and st st just grows and grows so fast!

Strange really, I don’t like the colourway at all… It’s the Kureyon 150 that my lovey SP6 bought me, but it is unfortunately far too dull and green/grey for my tastes. The only saving grace are the flashes of Bright Cyan and soothing Lavender that happen for about 5 rows before the green or grey takes over again for about 20 rows.

I do however like Kureyon’s feel and heft, and the 159 is much prettier! (Even if I did find one of those annoying drastic colour change knots in the ball.. snarf!) I can see me knitting a loose gauge Jumper out of this once I’m done with Booga-ing! I know, scary for me, but I can be brave…

As an aside, I’ve decided that knitting on Tubes is great, as the light is fantastic. Maybe a Circle Line knit for the summer needs to be organised! Round and around, knit, chat, have some fun!

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