Crafty doings at Angel Knits…

I’ve never taken a commision before… Then I get 2 in one evening!

I’m taking part in a Craft Faire next weekend, I’m going to sell my Stitchmarkers as well as a couple of random knitted bags and hats I’ve made but cannot see me using myself.

So, as I had a flurry of sales 2 weeks ago, I’ve pretty much got to make up some more!

Having virtually no time for Craft at home however, I took my beading supplies to Angel Knits.

I do love beads, they are splashes of colour in a dull world. However, they are not something that you can sit on a train and make up, and that is where I seem to be doing the majoritory of my knitting recently.

Other people like beads as well… I set up, with my stuff and my light, I got out the Gold-plate rings and started to paw my Cloisonne beads. I made up a good few (no pics, still no camera {mutter grumble…}), and then got out the new but dissapointingly small rings that arrived that day from LaFaerie, (The Toggles always look bigger on the screen than the are when they arrive… *Sigh*) to see if they would inspire me in anyway.

They didn’t really get me, but they did get PixelDiva. She is knitting an Alpaca Shrug on a 6mm Addi, and when she saw one particular set of the rimngs, her eyes lit up… She Pawed my stash, and these are what she commissioned…

And whilst I was doing that, one of the other ladies started asking about me making her a set fo drop earrings… So, we picked some beads out for them, I’ve ordered some lovely Ear wires from Skye which will hopefull arrive on Monday, and a lovely pair of earrings will ensue!

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