Moralising – National “Come off it” day, 4 April

On Tuesday 4th April it is National ‘Come Off It’ day

“Come Off It” urges you to switch off just one thing and turn on to a cleaner lifestyle.

Change your habits, change the UK’s energy future, and you could save £50…

  • Turn off something electrical. It could be the standby light on the TV, or a single light bulb. Anything and everything that isn’t needed but which might normally remain on.
  • Change to at least one new energy-saving, long life light bulb on the day.

“Come Off It” day will demonstrate how quickly small actions taken by each of us as individuals mount up to a big difference in the nation’s energy consumption. When we all act together it will become clear that our Carbon emissions (CO2) can be significantly reduced – at the mere flick of a switch!

If you change one light bulb for a new energy efficient one (Cost to you ~£2.50) you could save up to £50 per year! Also, you cause a reduction of almost 1/4 tonne of CO2 emissions. If every UK household took up the challenge, just this would save around 5 million tonnes of carbon per year.

See here for more information.

Please circulate to anyone else you’d like to benefit from a £50 saving…. Bonus CO2 savings for free!

Get ahead, get a hat! Just… maybe not this one.

Warning, still using emergency, very crap camera!

I finished
Karl's Hat Mk II
Karl’s Hat Mk II

on Thursday, after buying a new set of DPNs to do the decreases.

it came out rather well I thought, but as I was blocking it out, I was worried about how much of a bowling ball cosy I appear to have made.

We tried it on, and well, he likes the colourway… but it is rather bell-like on his head! Although I tried it on him when three quarters knit (before the decreases), the thing has relaxed in the block rather more than I was expecting it to do!{stamps foot!}.

I though about felt-shrinking, but I think I have better just tip it into “the Frog pond”. MkIII gets started next week I think!