Well, I’ve Received an SP7 giftie…

Went to the PO Saturday morning, picked up a nice fat parcel, got it home, ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the well wrapped content, and lots of took pictures of it…

Then, I went out Saturday night, and left my camera at my best mates! So, you don’t get to see any artwork!

It’s all good though… I think my SP7 has me pretty down pat, and it shows that she has read my site, as all the gifts really match me well.

I’ll do a real “reveal” when I get the camera back, but suffice it to say, Thank you SP7!

One thought on “Well, I’ve Received an SP7 giftie…”

  1. Glad it got there, really glad you like it, and apologies for your having to trail to the sorting office! Will try and time it better next time! 😉

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