SP6 Final Reveal!

OK, OK, I know! I’m far too delayed on this, but as you know, life has beeen so hectic, and it takes a good 45 minutes to take and format a whole bunch of pics for web upload

So, Yule day (21st December for the non Pagans…) Although TIDTIC was impending, I’m feeling like the tide in my life is turning, appropriate blockages were moving out of my life, and to cap my good feeling off, I get a BIG box from my SP6. My new Flat-mate was working from home that day, so he took it in from the Postie, and I’m glad he did.

It contained:

How cool is that? My Name, written in Gold! (Although the Cam doesn’t show it up so well.) It was stuffed with a veritable cornucopia of Shiny parcel goodness. I didn’t take a pic, but it was fantastic!

What was inside?
Yarny Goodness:

Knitty & Bitty goodness:

Pamper Goodness:

Around that last gift was the wrapping with my Spoiler’s name and ‘blog address on it.
For SP6, I was spoiled by Charlotte
(Strangely enough, I discover that Andrea, my Spoilee in SP6,had been Charlotte’s Spoiler… I wonder if that was a Random pick, or if they picked people’s names out in Threes in round 6?)

All I can say is a big thank you, and apologies that I’ve not posted this sooner, and having read your ‘blog, and seen your trial by Ear Infection, I’m not surprised that you didn’t feel in a giving mood! I suffered multiple Throat infections when young, and I’m slightly deaf in my right ear because of them, so I can empathise totally!

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