Some Noro Observations…

I don’t think that Noro have a good system of quality control at all. 🙁 If only the yarns weren’t so damnabley pretty, sitting there, all seductive in the shop as they do… *sigh*

I’ve got some Kureyon 159 (Bright Jewel-like colours) and some 150 (Muted heathery tones) the 159 is a slightly smaller ball and I’ve discovered the 150 is very badly spun, very loose with the plies almost seperating in places on the ball I’m using.

The Silver Thaw I’m using for the Lace scarf had a very weird colour change knot about half way through the ball. The shade I’m using is a progrerssive rainbow, but the colour change took it from Green to Deep Purple! I had to “Edit the yarn” (Jane says she does this to Noro all the time!) to resequence it correctly, and luckily, the piece I cut out fitted onto the end of the ball I was using… Other people I’ve talked to haven’t been so lucky…

So, what with the bad spinning, the colour changes being knotted together in weird places on the dye sequence, and the high amounts of VG and/or knots in some balls, Noro really isn’t all that if you think about it… If they were UK or Euro based, I dont think any of us would buy it for the price they charge us!

I’ve also reaffired that Noro genereally doesn’t like plastic needles {hand to forehead in dramatic gesture} I’m just going to have to go and buy another bamboo circ 😉

Mind you, no surprise Noro Likes Bambo, it is Japanese after all!

You can forgive good colour almost anything, can’t you… {mutter grumble…*sigh*}

One thought on “Some Noro Observations…”

  1. Hi Nikki
    My balls, hmmn, I’ve heard of Big Kureyon too. It comes in a whopping skein I think. 170odd yards. Is it thicker as well? I don’t *think* that’s what I’ve got and of course I did choose wisely, i.e. the very biggest of the big and the smallest of the small, in the cause of blogworthyness!!LOL I really wanted to weigh them but – duff scales, so never mind, they are no more anyway, the biggies, the bag is knit and ready to felt today in a few hotwashes, I’ll post the pics when it’s done. Have seen someone on UKHK say to alternate balls of Noro as you knit but that would give a very different effect surely? At least the weird colour joins wouldn’t matter so much!
    Thanks for the welcome to blogland, see you soon
    Sal x

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