Just a quickie, I know, I’m still obsessed with the Continental. I’m not going to AngelKnits tonight, so I sat at home last night, (watching the program about the Girl with two heads (Very sad for the Parasitic conjoined twin. *sniff*) and then ER) casting on and then Continental knitting a Bogga bag in shade 150 with a Prym 7mm Bamboo Circ.

Much better tension on the bamboo needles, not so much tugging at the knitting (Although, I’m so not enamoured of the cable join! I want an Addi!), which allows the Yarn hand to stay the same shape, thus making keeping tension easier.

I’ve pretty much knit all the base 34 rows, and I have a train ride tonight to finish that and get it going in the round and upwards hopefully…

Too many WIPs, not enough photography! 🙁

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