Just a little thing, I’ll expand on when I’m not so tired…

Ann would be right proud of me for my achievements tonight … I did a whole 1.5″ of “Karl’s new Xmas hat Mk II” in continental Stocking St! Definitley getting “the flow” and I’m a looser Continental knitter for sure!

Shame I’ve run out of the yarn I was using! It was a one-off 100g of hand-dyed then hand spun Bulky so I’ve had to dye some more.

I used some of my Pencil Roving, and did it when I got back from NWLondonKTOG. Defo more lavendars than the deeper blueishness of the Original yarn, but as Karl’s Fav colour is Purple… It should all be good, no pic yet, not camera!) and it means a big rip-out, and then some alternate row knitting, but that only means more Continental practice!

So, Every Cloud and all that…

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