I’m going for a new job at work.

“Technical Service Manager” (Grade PO7) it is part of the new ICT Organisation within the council.

I had a Technical Interview on Thursday, from an External Company.? I’m actually quite worried, it wasn’t nearly as technical as I thought it would be, I don’t know if that is a good sign or a bad one!

Visited the Town hall for my Numerical Reasoning test this afternoon. I sooo suq at comparitive maths. Deductive reasoning I nailed, Answered everything in the time, but can I tell if 1/5+16+4/67 is the same or not as 1/4+5/6+25/45 ??? Not on your nelly! I left just under 1/2 of them unanswered. 🙁

I’m rubbish at Cribbage for the same reason, I just cannot “see” the Groups of Numbers that make 15 in the hand. Well, I can do the easy ones, you know 10+5, 8+7 etc, but not the ones like 1+2+3+3+6!

Have?a Panel interview on Thursday. Then we get Full feedback and evaluation of what we did and how we performed,?so, if I don’t get the job, (and there are 4 posts going, so I stand a fair chance…) at least I will have learned more about myself eh? That has to be good!


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