I had a good weekend…

I did lots, and managed to combine lots of disparate yet fun activites into my weekend.

Out Friday and Saturday nights. Friday was a lovely combination of HUGE Pub group meeting (far busier than usual as well!) followed by the more select grouping heading over to Chinese at the New Diamond, followed by the hard-core having dessert at the Haargen-Dazs Cafe in Leicester Square. (What you can think of to do with another person’s unwanted chocolate sauce is very entertaining…) and there were also some snuggles after that, with a chap I’m hoping to get to know a lot better, but more on that later. All in all, I think I didn’t get to sleep until about 05:30, and woke up again for about 3/4 hour at 08:30

Mum rang me at 11:45, to arrange me popping voer to Granddad’s for a few hours. She picked my up at 13:30, I stayed at Granndad’s until 16:15, where we chatted, knitted and made Granddad feel loved before he sent us home before the football kicked out.

Saturday, went to “Adventures of Gwendoline’s”, all in all, an Entertaining little club held in Kentish Town. Lots of friends there, and I lucked into a Lift home as well, as a friend that lives in Essex, but drives past my house on her way home was there,so that made getting to bed much easier and faster! 🙂

Sunday, Resting and a late-lunch with Karl and his Ex-housemate Steve. Homeby 22:00, and I fell asleep on my bed as I was making it in an ungainly manner, so woke up 20 minutes later with pins&needles in my hand, where I had my chin firmly resting on it! Youch!

So all in all, a good weekend, however, I’m all clogged up from the passive ciggies over the weekend. 2 pubclub atmospheres spell lungs full of gunge…Yuk. The “Public Places ban” cannot come quick enough as far as I’m concerned…

Mind you, I swear that Ciggies have actually gotton smellier in the last couple of years, I’m sure that when I went out to the pub before, yes, I came home smoky, but a quick airing of my coat etc and it dissapeared…It didn’t stay stinky like things do now… Its almost like there is an extra “stick factor” built into the smoke these days. *shudder*

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