Expanding on my weekend

Friday night was heavily motivated by this yarn… The Stuff I dyed to match Wednesday is far too pink when knitted in with the above, even though it is pale lavendar when on its own! 🙁 So after knitting a few inches of them alternate striping, I’m going to have to rip out again, re-dye it far darker, and knit up over again. *Sigh*

Continental style is going quite well though, but my tension is so bad when it comes to a finer yarn! The hat, lovely, even and smooth tension. However I bought some Kureyon to do a Booga bag with, and it is so baggy in places as to be so not funny.

Still, practise, practise practise I’m sure, and Continental is so much quicker! So, working on the tension is my imperitive now… Not sure I’m ready to tackle Purl yet, but it has to be soon eh?

Saturday, 10 friends over to mine, very relaxed and social: Wine, pizza and flinging string about the place. I learned some niffy tricks, and can now start the long journey into expanding my repotoire(sp) of knots.

Did some work for Unfettered on Kinkfest3 as well, as I’ve volenteered to “Stage Manage” for all the stage part of the event. Compliling a list of “Alternative” performers is quite a challenge! e-mail shoudl go out there Tuesday when I get my final information.

Very infuriating that I put a sensible question up on boncom, IC and LFS, and pretty much got a bunch of silly answers all over! 🙁 Not helpful, especially from LFS, where the question was treated with complete derision. So reminds me why I left that site and pretty much never read it any more.

Sunday, Relaxing & Chilled out. Evening dinner with Karl, he is very unsettled at present, so giving him quality friends time is the least I can do to help him over his bad times.

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