Do you ever have days when you seem to have more than one day?

I actually do quite regularly, which is I suppose why I get so sleep deprived.

The 14th of January was one such day:

Part 1) Lixie decided that she wanted to visit a cut-price Fabric store in Hounslow. We didn’t get there, as the Picadilly line was shut, so having met her at 10:15, we went to Soho instead. I won’t repeat where we actually went, because Lixie did it very well on her ‘blog:
but I suppose I do have to show you what rather stunning bling I bought from OMYGOD: as Lixie wasn’t going to ‘fess up as to what I bought.

It went something like this… I saw it. I hummed. I hawed. I tried to find something less expensive. I used the “I can’t try it on, it doesn’t have matching earings” ploy, which the shop assistant showed me was blatently not the case… So, I tried it on. There it sat, looking stunning around my neck, like it was just supposed to be there. I sighed and gave in to it.

Bonus time though, as OMYGOD were having a 20% off sale, and with that discount, and the inadvertant extra £10 off that the sales assistant gave me in adding up, I got the Set for just under £50. Remind me I mustn’t go anywhere near OMYGOD for another 5 months…

Part 2) I left Lixie around 16:00, and met up with Greg and Rachel at Trafalgar square, where we decided that although we all liked Russia, and wanted to join in with their New Year celebrations, The Cordons and Heaving crowds were really too much for us.

So, we headed back to the Wharf, to waste an hour or so at The Ledger building, drinking my favourite Pub Red (Hardy’s “Nottage Hill” Shiraz), before our Movie marathon extravaganza was due to start. As you can guess from my ‘blogstipation post, we had picked “Brokeback Mountain” and “Memoires of a Geisha” to see, both films lasting a good 2hrs, and we crammed an inbetween film 50 minute Dinner window at Chillies into that mix. (had a yummy “Triple Play” with Shanghi Wings!)

I like what Greg said in his ‘blog about what he remembers of the films: “That it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go as long as you like the direction you’re moving in, and that even the smallest kindness is a candle in the night of a hopeless life. If a day is wasted if no memory is made, I reckon I’m insured against at least a week of amnesia.”

I pretty much agree with that observation.

When I left the cinema after both Brokeback and Geisha, having provided both theatres with a moment of amusment about how much I get emotionally invovled with films, and having the numbest coccyx known to man for having been sat on Movie seating for nigh on 5 hours, my memory was definitely full for the day.

Lixie asked me to blog about Brokeback, cos she wants to see it. IMO, it is so much more than “A Gay Coybow film”…

It is a pretty much social documentary, if the Love between them occured now, there would simply be no film. It would have been “Two guys go herding sheep for the Summer, fall in Love, come back richer for finding each other and live happily ever after.”

Instead, as the story starts in ’63, it is “Two guys go up a mountain to herd sheep, totally deny to themselves that there might be an attraction, then “fall foul” of those repressed feelings and “give in” (And, as a side note, I wasn’t expecting the dynamic that occurs at all!), then state it is “just a summer thing”, and deny it is more than that to each other. They get caught, and the job is pulled early by the Foreman. Both are Gutted, but cannot show it, as that is not the done thing. Both are getting married pretty much as soon as they get down of the mountain, so the Summer is shoved to the back of their minds…

However, neither can let it lie, and after 4 years pass, tentative contact is rekindled. The story then, through some heart wrenching twists, and some classic comic/tension relieving moments, follows how the secret of their relationship tears their lives apart.”

It is very, very sad, although, the ending has “Hope” for all in it. Don’t go unless you have a box of tissues…

You will also need to save some for Memoires, although that has a much happier ending! Light, colour, and morals. A Modern Fairy Story, very “Cinderella”, come to think of it. Damsel in distress, mistreated by both her blood and adopted family, goes though hell and endured unspeakable trials… but at the end of it all, is saved by the Handsome Prince.

Again, you are going to need the tissues, but for the joy, as well as the pain.

And that was the end of Part 2. I found my bed, and slept. Sunday was lazy. Well, after a day like that Saturday, what did you expect!

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