I had a good weekend…

I did lots, and managed to combine lots of disparate yet fun activites into my weekend.

Out Friday and Saturday nights. Friday was a lovely combination of HUGE Pub group meeting (far busier than usual as well!) followed by the more select grouping heading over to Chinese at the New Diamond, followed by the hard-core having dessert at the Haargen-Dazs Cafe in Leicester Square. (What you can think of to do with another person’s unwanted chocolate sauce is very entertaining…) and there were also some snuggles after that, with a chap I’m hoping to get to know a lot better, but more on that later. All in all, I think I didn’t get to sleep until about 05:30, and woke up again for about 3/4 hour at 08:30

Mum rang me at 11:45, to arrange me popping voer to Granddad’s for a few hours. She picked my up at 13:30, I stayed at Granndad’s until 16:15, where we chatted, knitted and made Granddad feel loved before he sent us home before the football kicked out.

Saturday, went to “Adventures of Gwendoline’s”, all in all, an Entertaining little club held in Kentish Town. Lots of friends there, and I lucked into a Lift home as well, as a friend that lives in Essex, but drives past my house on her way home was there,so that made getting to bed much easier and faster! 🙂

Sunday, Resting and a late-lunch with Karl and his Ex-housemate Steve. Homeby 22:00, and I fell asleep on my bed as I was making it in an ungainly manner, so woke up 20 minutes later with pins&needles in my hand, where I had my chin firmly resting on it! Youch!

So all in all, a good weekend, however, I’m all clogged up from the passive ciggies over the weekend. 2 pubclub atmospheres spell lungs full of gunge…Yuk. The “Public Places ban” cannot come quick enough as far as I’m concerned…

Mind you, I swear that Ciggies have actually gotton smellier in the last couple of years, I’m sure that when I went out to the pub before, yes, I came home smoky, but a quick airing of my coat etc and it dissapeared…It didn’t stay stinky like things do now… Its almost like there is an extra “stick factor” built into the smoke these days. *shudder*

MEME: What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

This is not actually that inaccurate… Not sure about the Navy Blue though!

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Your Birthdate: November 4

You have an extraordinary character – moral, responsible, and disciplined.
Your sincerely and honesty shine through in almost every situation.
Driven and focused, you rarely let your emotions get the better of you.
You’re level headed and rational. People count on your to look at things objectively.

Your strength: Your unwavering loyalty and ethics

Your weakness: Your rock solid stubbornness

Your power color: Navy blue

Your power symbol: Shield

Your power month: April

Some Noro Observations…

I don’t think that Noro have a good system of quality control at all. 🙁 If only the yarns weren’t so damnabley pretty, sitting there, all seductive in the shop as they do… *sigh*

I’ve got some Kureyon 159 (Bright Jewel-like colours) and some 150 (Muted heathery tones) the 159 is a slightly smaller ball and I’ve discovered the 150 is very badly spun, very loose with the plies almost seperating in places on the ball I’m using.

The Silver Thaw I’m using for the Lace scarf had a very weird colour change knot about half way through the ball. The shade I’m using is a progrerssive rainbow, but the colour change took it from Green to Deep Purple! I had to “Edit the yarn” (Jane says she does this to Noro all the time!) to resequence it correctly, and luckily, the piece I cut out fitted onto the end of the ball I was using… Other people I’ve talked to haven’t been so lucky…

So, what with the bad spinning, the colour changes being knotted together in weird places on the dye sequence, and the high amounts of VG and/or knots in some balls, Noro really isn’t all that if you think about it… If they were UK or Euro based, I dont think any of us would buy it for the price they charge us!

I’ve also reaffired that Noro genereally doesn’t like plastic needles {hand to forehead in dramatic gesture} I’m just going to have to go and buy another bamboo circ 😉

Mind you, no surprise Noro Likes Bambo, it is Japanese after all!

You can forgive good colour almost anything, can’t you… {mutter grumble…*sigh*}


Just a quickie, I know, I’m still obsessed with the Continental. I’m not going to AngelKnits tonight, so I sat at home last night, (watching the program about the Girl with two heads (Very sad for the Parasitic conjoined twin. *sniff*) and then ER) casting on and then Continental knitting a Bogga bag in shade 150 with a Prym 7mm Bamboo Circ.

Much better tension on the bamboo needles, not so much tugging at the knitting (Although, I’m so not enamoured of the cable join! I want an Addi!), which allows the Yarn hand to stay the same shape, thus making keeping tension easier.

I’ve pretty much knit all the base 34 rows, and I have a train ride tonight to finish that and get it going in the round and upwards hopefully…

Too many WIPs, not enough photography! 🙁


I’m going for a new job at work.

“Technical Service Manager” (Grade PO7) it is part of the new ICT Organisation within the council.

I had a Technical Interview on Thursday, from an External Company.? I’m actually quite worried, it wasn’t nearly as technical as I thought it would be, I don’t know if that is a good sign or a bad one!

Visited the Town hall for my Numerical Reasoning test this afternoon. I sooo suq at comparitive maths. Deductive reasoning I nailed, Answered everything in the time, but can I tell if 1/5+16+4/67 is the same or not as 1/4+5/6+25/45 ??? Not on your nelly! I left just under 1/2 of them unanswered. 🙁

I’m rubbish at Cribbage for the same reason, I just cannot “see” the Groups of Numbers that make 15 in the hand. Well, I can do the easy ones, you know 10+5, 8+7 etc, but not the ones like 1+2+3+3+6!

Have?a Panel interview on Thursday. Then we get Full feedback and evaluation of what we did and how we performed,?so, if I don’t get the job, (and there are 4 posts going, so I stand a fair chance…) at least I will have learned more about myself eh? That has to be good!