Well I survived TIDTIC!

I thought it was going to be a disaster, as Granddad started sniping almost as soon as we got there… Mum and Granddad are very very similar personalities, they are both “incendiary” types, and so, once they start sniping, the argument escalates out of all proportion very quickly. I, however, am extremly placid, and never give it back to either of them. No argument = No “fun”. 😉

He calmed down lots once I started cooking, and Mum boodled off to go and visit Nanny’s grave at the cemetary. I just don’t make a fuss, and so, he has no fuss to make about my lack of fuss! Simple.

I also think it helped one of my pressies from Mum was an album of all my baby pics! He got absorbed in it whilst I was busy, and that made him very happy. 🙂 I’ll post some of the best pics from it soon, but suffice it to say: I’m a Diva. I had a Pic taken of me at a club at the beginning of December, and I found a Picture of me ~age 4, in almost exactly the same pose!

My other spectacular pressie from Mum was a Fluorite Crystal Dragon (Pictures are at home, and I’m at work.) that I had been lusting after for about 3 months. It was in a cabinet at the Second Hand Ornament counter in John Lewis, and I’d been looking at it every time I went through to buy Yarn. He seemed to be saying “Rescue me!” (As some crystals do…) whenever I saw him, and I showed Mum when we were in there buying her some more eyelash and some of her own needles, and she sneaked back the day after and bought him for me! So cool.

I even got to do some knitting! After dinner, I cast on and mostly finished a hat for Karl, that when I finished it up on Boxing day and gave it to him on NYE, turned out nowhere near big enough for his bonce! Too tight and too short! I’d sized it too big for me but I’ve obviously got a much smaller head that him, so, I’ve got to rip it back an knit it again with another rib on each needle.

So, the day was pretty tickerty boo really, but I still managed to end it all in tears. As she dropped me off, Mum threw a flip comment at me about her feeling that I don’t like her. 🙁

I suspect this is because I totally opted out of Xmas, telling everyone that I was buying New Year Pressies instead. This year, I just really wasn’t feeling festive.

Also, although I gave her a really tiny thing over Dinner, because I knew she would be very upset if I gave her nothing on the day, I didn’t get her a Card.

I actually do this quite regularly, as quite honestly, I hate the concept of “Cards”. They are a huge waste of Trees, cost far more then they are actually worth and are just a general all round yukky commercial way of getting pennies from your pocket.

So, I tend to get her a Card every other year. Heck, Granddad just uses the Card I got him when I was 10! The Sentiment never changes, does it…

But anyway, the lack of Card this year got to her, and so Flip comment was made. Foolish me, I didn’t stock up on Ice-cream either, I really thought I would get away with no tears this year. Ahh, hope springs eternal…

2 thoughts on “Well I survived TIDTIC!”

  1. Can I be honest and say that your family misfits misfiring a little doesn’t sound too bad.
    When my family blow up I end up punching someone or my brothers or father does. We’re a family of testosterone filled men, that can be bad sometimes.
    I think you coped admirably in a situation you are clearly used to.
    Well done!!

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