I’ve got too much to say, and not enough time!

Note to Self: ‘blogsitpation is not good.

I must rememeber to talk about at length…

  • My SP 6 Final Package (Photography still pending! Whaa!)
  • Shopping with Alex, buying “bling”,
  • Brokeback Mountain/Memoires of a Geisha
  • German Journalists turning up at Angel Knits
  • Just like Heaven
  • RHPS
  • Circus of Horror
  • Being unexpectedly videoed at Angel Knits!
  • That the results of my Ultrasound still show I have PCO (no shock there!), and that my Endometrium is a healthy/normal 5mm, and I also have a Nabothian cyst on my cervix (Totally benign and harmless thing)

Photos I “Owe”, and actually have taken, just not ‘blogged!

Also, for people interested in that sort of thing, I got my Full Horoscope, and made it into a Webpage…

I also know that my WIP page is woefully out of date! I’ve made a hat, wrist warmer and a polo-neck that are not up there, and I’ve started some more wrist warmers in Red Jaegar Natural Fleece, as well as frogging FMB, and started again, with some undyed Pencil Roving, on 12mm DPNs , that I made myself, so I have to talk about all that as well!

One thought on “I’ve got too much to say, and not enough time!”

  1. Hi Nikki,
    That’s a long list of things to talk about! No wonder you’ve been too busy to update your blog!
    I’m also busy and will hopefully be sending a package to you in the next week. Will let you know when I post it,
    your SP7

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