And so, to a Fantastic NYE Party…

So, once I got TIDTIC out of the way, I started to have a whale of a time. 🙂

Remember Crazy Aunt Purl? That Hor-o-scope post I put up at the beginining of December? Well, I think that I actually fulfilled this part: “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ferret out the source of your anxiety and release it before the clock strikes midnight on Dec 31.”

I believe that I can say Mission Accomplished. 😉 Or at least, enough of the Mission to make me feel rather better.

I haven’t managed to organise going for my Pelvic Ultrasound yet, but hey, Xmas puts a crimp in most things, time wise, doesn’t it? I just spoke to them though, and I can fax the form over there, rather than having to actually go and show it to them to get an appointment, so that is all good! I also actually had a Normal(ish) small period about 2 weeks before Xmas, and I’ve still not come on again, so big cause for celebration. 🙂 No hormone induced madness is “A Good Thing (TM).”

On the “Being in Wuv” front, you can pretty much put a big check in that box. Sunday Guy: It appears he likes spending time with me. After he got back from his parents, I spent most of the Holiday period in his company, either at his, at mine or out at wild parties together! All round numminess.

It is nice to have someone to really care about. Someone to send silly txts to, someone to call up at odd hours and chatter about odd things, and someone to generally snuggle with.

I know it probably won’t last… Apart from being a soppy romantic, I’m unfortunatly also a realist, and I’m “Transitional girl” that needed to appear in his life right now.

You see, he has litterally just split with his wife (very amicable and mutual apparently), so he needed someone to hug and help “fix” him again. The universe decided that I was a good candidate for the job. He has got a whole heap of crap coming, and I’m more than willing to help him get through it in whatever ways I can.

I have no bitterness about this, and I don’t mind at all, after all why should I? He is a rather wonderful person, who deserves help and I’m doing what I do best, making people happy. Which is ultimately making me very happy. It’s an all round Win/Win! 🙂

I also got a whole heap of “bad air” out of my lungs with the Ex. We had a rather long, Red Wine induced, heart to heart chat about all manner of things (including the “angel” thing) , and it really does appear that we have properly “moved on.” at long last. He is happy with his new Lady, and his life is taking a nice upswing in all things. I’m suddenly happy with a significant new chap in my life, and so, all is well in our worlds.

As to the actual party on NYE? Definitly a hootenanny!


  • Drank Fizz
  • Ate Curry
  • Hugged and Snogged at Midnight
  • Sang RHPS
  • Danced to all manner of Music (I have a wonderful blackmail Video of my Goth mate Zara doing the Cha Cha Slide!)

and when we couldn’t party no more…

  • We watched “The Princess Bride” (At Stuart’s insistance!) in the Comedown zone before bed, which was around 4am.

I must admit, “The Hang-over” was rather entertaining! 🙁 Fizz is a “clean” drink, so mine wasn’t a headache, more that the world didn’t stop spinning for about 2 hours after I woke up! (admittedly only 5 hours after I went to sleep!) It was fine when I stayed horizontal, so I did lots that until it died down… which was cool, because I had the lovely Sunday Guy keeping me company in my horizontalness… A very good way to say Happy New year! 😉 tee hee.

The people that stayed over then had “The Breakfast” that you have to have when hang-over is with you, and Karl, as well as coming over Friday to help me set up, stopped over until Monday and helped me to get the house back into shipshape order! He is just a total diamond. 🙂

So, the benefit is that I now have had popped the house cherry as far as parties go, and a rather good party to start what I know will be a fantastic 2006, as well as the house being rather more organised and tidy than it was 5 days ago to boot! All good stuff! 🙂

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