So, how have I been?

Well, still a little down, but generally more up beat.Work is still getting my down slightly.

The Corporate restructure is moving fast here, which is all good, and there are some tremendous opportunities that should open up in the near… but the terrible twins seem to be keeping the “Upgrade of technical things” close to their chests, not good for a healthy sharing office environment where you have to support the “upgraded technical things” that they are implimenting. Especially as I seem to be the only one doing the “day-to-day” in anything more than a very casual manner… *shrug*

My Social Life is a Bizzard right now! I don’t think I have a night in, bar the Sundays, for the next two weeks. Not helping my mild chest infection get better, that is for sure!

Had my bloods drawn. Go back for those results sometime next week. As an aside, I came on again today, so really feeling crappy, and hoping that the results contain an answer to why…

I knitted “the hat” 🙂 :

Not quite finished, needs a Picot edge around the crown, as a few more bells, but damn it, my ears were cold.

I’m also working on matching wrist warmers. I started on Monday and finished the first last night, but haven’t taken any pics yet.

I’ve taken the single pics of all my Stitchmarkers. Look for them to get published for sale soon!

I’m getting my final SP package ready to go and spoil my spoilee pal for the final time. I’m excited about my reveal! As to who my Spoiler SP is, no clue yet, she hasn’t reveals to me… She did e-mail saying to expect a package this week though, so I’m all excited about that!

There is (I know) so much more I wanted to say, but it’s quite happily wandered out of my head!

One thought on “So, how have I been?”

  1. Well done on the hat, it looks really lovely. Did you find the replies on UKHK helpful at all with picot edging? You can ask me on Tuesday if you’re still not sure. Bye for now 🙂 xxx

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