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Lixie told me that I really should go read Crazy Aunt Purl. She is am American lady, going through a Divorce, Knitting lots and being staff to 2 cats.

One of her ‘Blog postings in the recent past was a Horroscope selection (Apparently, she does this on an infrequent basis” This is mine:

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 – Nov. 21)
I like your lips. You say what’s on your mind and that’s a change. Why don’t others appreciate your candor? I dunno. Maybe you’re rude. Maybe they aren’t as enlightened as you are. I would say it’s half and half. You’re half blowsy and half brilliant, and they are half annoyed at your manners. So, in true peace-on-earth form, make some concessions this holiday season: I’ll let you be witty and wise as long as you don’t bite my head off and make acerbic remarks at my expense. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ferret out the source of your anxiety and release it before the clock strikes midnight on Dec 31. Your reward: A new era of ass-kicking fueled by self-respect and my never-ending adoration. I do love me a Scorpio. I do!

Scarily appropriate!

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