I wanted some ‘Knitting Jewelry’

After all, Plastic Stitchmarkers are just plain boring, aren’t they!

However, because I tend to use needles of the chunky variety, none of the people that make and sell jewelry type markers seem to make ones with rings big enough for my needles!

So, being a crafty individual, I did some research about how to make them, bought far too much stuff (as I’m wont to do!) and made a load of very pretty things!!!

I love the way they have heft and substance, are pretty to look at, glide over the needles and generally sooth my soul when I use them (Well, they don’t ping off the needles like the little plastic rings do! Far less stress.)

Talking to others, I also discovered that I’m not the only person that wanted bigger ringed knitting jewelery, and craft individuality. Which is lucky, because I bought rather a large amount of supplies!

Take a look here to see and buy my handywork!

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