I have to share…

You just gottta watch this! LOL A friend sent me this today, I laughed so much I cried 🙂

This is a goofed up movie of Action sequences from World of Warcraft, with an added Song and dance track…

For anyone who doesnt know you can’t actually speak in WoW. Any actual communication comes up as speech bubbles. This was done with video capture and the voice over is done afterwards.

Some people have *way* too much time on theirs hands… but I’m so glad they do! Just click the title to watch the movie! Maybe not at work, but definitly with Speakers!

Addendum: The Tune come from Avenue Q the Musical I would love to see it! Not only have you got (And your going to need Real Player to see any of this!)
The Internet Is For Porn
but other hits such as:
If You Were Gay
Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist
There Is Life Outside Your Apartment

And it is all acted out by Puppets!


click here

click here

One thought on “I have to share…”

  1. Porn, and World of Warcraft, apparently. Cute song, and very very catchy. I find myself singing it right now as I type…

    “Dum dumdum dum dada dum”

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