Oh. My. Fucking. God. :-)

The link is a little obscure, but Mr Blue Sky is summing up how I feel today!

Oh so wonderfully tired, and totally “Yummy yummy” is how I’m feeling, ain’t nothing going to take that away! I have big cheesy grins and happy dances.

Yep, I went home with Sunday chap after Putney Munch last night. I got 3 hours sleep and quite honestly, some extremely top quality luvin’

The Quiet Ones always surprise you, don’t they!


To continue in the theme of Total Mojo finding / Men are like Busses , a 3rd chap seems to have stepped up to the plate with offers as well!

It’s all good. 🙂 I do so love being an Ethical Slut. (And yes, that term does have a precise meaning…. Go Google.:-) )

Some thoughts about the impending doom that is Xmas…

It is strange, I totally envy the people that look forward to Family Xmas celebrations.

Even if it holds no significance to me anymore from a relegious standpoint, Xmas is still embedded in my psyche as a day of wonder and joy. And it is so not that anymore. I used to really love Xmas when I was young, and even getting on into my 20’s it was still really special.

It is really only since Nan died in ’95 that things have been getting steadily worse. I now hate Xmas with a passion. My Day goes something like this:

  • Go to Granddad’s for Midday.
  • Help Mum cook dinner
  • Granddad gets back from the pub around 2pm, when he starts to critisise all the fuss that my mum and I are making over dinner, how much washing up we are creating, and genereally moaning at our “stupid women” way of doing stuff.
  • We then dish up, he moans through dinner.
  • After dinner, we clear, wash up etc and then have to watch Telly. We do this mostly in silence, as Granddad cannot hear very well, and so we are not allowed to talk…
  • We sit there until ~10pm, when we are allowed to leave.
  • I go home, eat ice-cream and cry.

That Xmas has become this jaded and predictable for me makes me very sad on a whole heap of levels.

This year, I’ve not even done any Xmas shopping, apart from a couple of small things that just leapt up and said “This is for XXX”, and I probably would have bought them as pressies for people anyway. (Cos I’m nice like that…)

I just want it all to go away. 🙁 Not a good thing really. I can’t even escape early this year, as I have no car.

Gods, I’m such a geek sometimes!

All you Firefox readers will suddenly note that you can now read my RSS Feed in browser correctly!

I managed to find a little Javascript widget that fixes the “bug” that is “FireFox doesn’t support disable-output-escaping=”yes”(DOEY)”

The link on this entry is the Bugzilla report on why Mozilla think that how they treat DOEY is correct, and so, they believe that there is no bug to fix!

But that attitude really doesn’t help people like me, who want to us RSS to create ‘blogs and other feeds that have HTML styling.

Luckily for me, on the bug report, a very helpful person has posted Javascript workaround.

Took me a while to track it down, but hey, Google is the answer, you just have to know what the question is…

But in other mostly much happier news…

It’s been a funny few days. A great deal of Yukky nasty stuff, and another load of rather cool stuff has happened, and I just need to observe at the start of this post that Men are like busses, none for ages then at least 2 at once! 🙂

Went to the Doctors’ last Friday, all my tests came back Normal, as they always bloody do. I’ve got to go get a Pelvic Ultrasound next. It is so disheartening…

I’m sure that you all remember my “I’m sex obsessed!” post a while back, and probably guessed that I’ve been feeling like I lost my Mojo down the back of the sofa. I got turned down last Saturday, because of all the bleeding.

Well, at the time, someone who I found very cute said that he would offer, but was unable at that time, as he had just started seeing another friend of mine…

Now, I know the person he was going with, and I told him that it was no hassles, I could wait…3 weeks later, and he is a free man again. Must be a record for that Lady! But I digress…

I arrange a meet with him for this Monday just gone (And I stopped bleeding to co-incide as well!), so that I could my head sorted out…Being so obsessed with sex that it interferes with your daily life is very off-putting!

That arrangement all in place, the universe decides to have a laugh, and I get another chap seriously offering on the Sunday!!!

So, I got a nice little fix from Monday guy, and a “banker” (In a wonderful way!) in Sunday guy if Monday guy decides that once was enough.

My head is wonderfully crystal clear again. 🙂

It looks like I’m going to be Fella-rich again for a while, as not only have these two rather lovely chaps turned up, but lots and lots of other cute chaps have hugged, cuddled, and genereally made sure that Nikki gets lots of attention… which is a really good thing. Nikki and no tactility is not a good combination.

Emotionally, I’m still rather vunerable though… After the Doctor, I headed over to London Munch. Mum kidnapped me first, and took me to Granddad’s, so that wasn’t a good start to the evening, and I had a rather large moment, triggered by my Ex’s commitment to his new Lady… I’ve known about the relationship for a few weeks, I was there when it all kicked off really! However, Friday, I discovered that Her pet name for him is “angel”.

It shouldn’t bother me, as I love them both to bits, his new Lady is a good friend of mine, and I think that they will be good for each other, they both have “stuff” that the other lacks and they will learn so much from each other and grow into better people…

But… it really does bug me big time. Why? Because the theme tune from Angel (A lovely ‘Cello piece by Darling Violetta) has been his Ring-tone on my phone for the last 2.5 years.

(If you are interested, everyone now gets the Buffy theme, except Granddad, who gets the theme from The Munsters)

So, even though I never “named” him Angel, that is who he is in my mind, and the fact that his identity to me has been taken over (albeit completly innocently by Her) by another women is just horrid.

A large lump of pain I just have to live with I suppose, especially as we are all Friends… I’m definitely adult enough to deal.

I also had a moment at Watford last night. Got into a stupid fight over a bar stool and the five second rule, which actually ended with us tugging at the stool between us like teenagers! I put the stool down and backed off, and then ended up in floods of tears in the loo! I hate all this stuff that is going on in my head. Bluergh, hormones.

So, I’m not sure what I can do now. The black Dog is with me for a while it seems. I’ve suspected for a while that I’m actually clinically depressed, but I really don’t want that as a diagnosis, as I’ll then not get the attention I deserve from the Doc. I’ll let Mum get the Prozac prescriptions thank you.

So, as you can see, some ups, some downs. I’ve got my NYE party to look forward to and plan for next week, but in the meantime, I’m dreading The Impending Doom That is Christmas (TIDTIC). I’m take that hurdle before I worry about other stuff I think…

So, I’ll wobble along, and I know, eventually, it will all come out in the wash, and Nikki will be better. I can wait. I’m patient.As I proved on Monday, “All good things come to those that wait”! 😉