“We’re all going to Brighton…”

Well, that was fun! Made for one long day though!

The Munch was very cool, lots of friends who saw my very similar post about depression on IC and pammpered me with many, many hugs:-). I forget sometimes just how many friends I have. It is good to get reminded. 🙂

We went for Chinese after as well, the New Diamond was up to its usual excellent standard. (Will dig out the pic of “Menu E”, so that you can all see what you are missing!) The company was excellent as well.

Got home at 03:00 and up again at 07:45, to go to Brighton! Good day, good company. Lots of Strolling around, window shopping (mostly) and the occasional irrational purchase.

Anna and Ann got Beads galore! Nothing in the shop really grabbed me though. Ann took some unusual pictures of pretty lables in the Chinese Supermarket next door, (I’m hoping that she will ‘blog them!) and I bought a handpainted bag, and some Ginger pickle.

After Snooper’s Paradise, We headed to C&H Fabrics. That is one good shop, I might evern say better than John Lewis for Craft and Yarn !

We discovered a 100% wool that is heavenly. “Freedom” From Twilleys of Stamford. We were stunned. 100% wool, Chunky weight, £2.75 per 50g.

If you look at the equivalent Rowan, “Big Wool”, that was £7.75 for 100g, and didn’t feel quite as nice as the Freedom either…

Myself and Ann purchased 4 balls of Colourway 408 “Moorland” (and of which I’ve used nearly 2 already, and a very nice hat it has (nearly) made as well! Just needs something to “finish” it I think! ) and Anna purchased 2×408 and 4 of Colourway 407 “Orange Autumn”.

It is a lightly spun, unplyed yarn, so I suspect that it will felt beautifully (I can feel FMB moving yarns to this! So much cheaper that the Jaeger!), the white will (of course) take dye superbly, and at a recommended needle size of 10mm, I’m in hog heaven with this yarn! I want MORE MORE MORE! 😉

Then we settled into Starbucks, did a little knitting, and then found the MegaBus home. YUK! is all I have to say to the return journey. Because the MegaBus is just that, a refurbished Double Decker, it stank of diesel fumes on the trip back. I managed to sleep on the way down so I felt fine, but I was feeling decidedly green when we finally hopped off at Victoria.

I didn’t go out to the Free Fet. Party at Cable Street, I was just too damn tired! I slept 14 hours instead, and Gods, do I feel better for that!

Sunday was spent being very lazy, reading threads in IC,replying to e-mails, not playing CivIV (to my amazement!), some telly, a great deal of knitting a hat of new wool on a 9mm Addi Turbo 60cm circ, and letting the new Flat-mate settle in. He seems like a nice chap, so all is well there.

So, I’m more on an even keel now (Sleep always helps so much!), and I’m hunting around for some ideas to give the Moorland hat a funky-ish finish! 🙂

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