Toooo busy to ‘blog…

I seem to have a habit of ‘blogging on a Friday… Think it is trying to get all this stuff out before I forget at the weekend!;-) Ive not been sleeping enough this week again, so I feel like crap… why?

I did some updating of my wip page during the week. I have more to put in, but that did for a start.

I did some knitting 🙂 I was busy Tuesday at the Doctor (see below) but I did some casting on for the Horn of Plenty cosy I’ve been promising Cosmic all year, and on Wednesday, I did NWlondonktog and my Noro scarf is coming on a treat. 🙂

Talking of NWlondonktog, I’ve set up a quick and dirty website for it, so that will have all the essential details you need to find us!

I’ve found a huge and enjoyable time waster in Civilisation IV.

I joined and released a book into the wild. Exciting!

I lost my OstyerCard on the DLR on Tuesday Morning, so that was a huge pain… things like that always happen in the week that you cannot afford them to eh?

I went to the Doctor on Wednesday, after being bullied to go by lots of people. After all, periods that first absent for 9 months then lasting for 3 months really aren’t normal or fun. I’ve got to go and get more blood drawn, to check my FBC, Thyroid and Hormone profile. So, I have to find the time to go, but I lose money in doing so. That is the horrid downside to contracting. *sigh*

So, this (and other stuff) is a contributing factor to feeling rather depressed at present. I just keep crying at the oddest things. I want to go back to 2003, before the Endometriosis treatment started. I was “normal” then, regular periods, 3 st lighter and in a solid relationship.

I want to be in Love again. I want to be with a chap that is a true partner, someone who respects me, supports me, adores me, and wants to make the beast with two backs with me on a very regular basis. 😉

I’m out to London Munch tonight, so the frenetic whirl of socilising continues. That will be followed by a more intimate grouping heading over to Soho for a Chinese meal. Bed won’t be found until about 3am I suspect…

Which is a pain, because I have to be up early tommorow, as I’m off to Brighton with AnnaRella ( and PixelDiva ( to go bead shopping, hang out, and generally have some fun. Mind you, I suspect it is going to be chuffing freezing! I need my woolly pom-pom hat!

Sunday? I’m sleeping and updating the website again!

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