I know, I’ve been gone too long!

I’ve been sooooo busy! I’m writing this at work, because I know I’m just not going to get time to do it at home, but I need to tell you guys something eh?

News in brief: Had a birthday, finished some stuff, ignored other stuff, learned very basic Crochet technique and generally have been socialising LOTS. All this RL stuff gets in the way of my PC time… 😉

Birthday: I’ve now turned 35. Apparently, it is a sign of getting older when you don’t receive any pressies on the day… which sucks big time might I add! Don’t get me wrong, I was given some lovely stuff, by some really good people, but nothing that had pretty paper wrapping on it on the day itself… and only 2 out of the 6 pressie I did get were wrapped at all! *sulk*

I was at work for the first time in years (I’m usually very strict about organising for having a birthday holiday, but being a Contractor is bad for taking time off!) but the evening was much merriment. I tagged along to an organised meal at Kettners in Soho, and the way the bill money worked out between the 30 of us, I got my dinner for free! 🙂

On the Craft front, I have taken lots of pics of what I have been working on, but just not found the time to upload anything at all!

  • Louisa Harding bag: Just about complete 🙂 ’tis all sewn (using matress stitch!) but needs zip, lining and handle to be usable.
  • Noro Scarf: Coming along nicely. She is now all diagonal lace on 6.5mm needles, and about 15cm long!
  • Lauren, I’ve been neglecting.No progress, poor Girl!
  • Clapotis: Ripped. I did two rows on top of the ones that Ann started for me, and mucked up the sequence. I tinked back about 3 times, but just couldn’t make it work… *sigh* So, I’ve ripped it, and that’s that!
  • FMB: Lixie and Anna both suggested making a proper swatch of the Jaegar on 9mm and felting it… I hate swatching, but hey, if it saves me having to rip out all that work to make it onto 12mm… 🙂
  • Sock: Not ripped, but I know I have no wish to finish it, so I must get around to dealing with it, ripping it and selling the yarn and needles on to someone that will make it what it wants to be!

New Stuff:

  • A Hemp swatch: I bought a skein of Hemp at allly pally…. I’m knitting a st st swatch. The finished fabric is good, will make nice bags I feel, but the yarn is perfectly horrid to knit! It just feels dead in your hands, no stretch, no bounce, and certainly unforgiving of mistakes! So, I’ll have to figure out what to do with the skein I have, and then just knit it and forget about this stuff I think!
  • Curly-Whirly tester: This is my first attempt at Crochet! Working out how to to is all rather well if I do say so myself. I’ve used my blue hand-dyed, and have made a lovely little rufffle! 🙂 Will have to pick a yarn a touch more chunky for a scarf though… I suspect some of my Recycled sari silk will want a lookin for it somewhere!!

Have made a few more stichmarkers, and appear to have gone totally bead crazy! I’ve bought glass ones, silver ones, findings and fixings. I’ve even co-ordinated with Carole, the Siver smith who attends Angel-Knits, and she is going to make me 20x 15mm rings in Sterling Silver! I suspect I have purchased far beyond my capacity to very use it all… btu hey, that is the pleasure of making individual items. 🙂 I’ve also just bought a “Banana Hook” on ebay, so I can take individual pictures of them, so I can start selling them.

Socialising? Here there and everywhere! I missed NWktog twice on the trot because of it… *sigh* Still, this week’s should be very cool we are having a “season’s greetings!” meal with an ulterior motive 😉

The First NWktog I missed wasn’t a knitting loss though, I attended the “QueerS&B” at the Curzon in Soho. A nice group of LGBT knitters, and 3 chaps! Very good to see I think! Then headed up the road for the London Ladies Munch, where they gave me a very yummy Birthday cake indeed, and made lots of fuss over me! 🙂

I also did my own munch last night, and HUGE it was, 41 people all together. Makes you proud to have started something really.

So, at some point soon, I promise to upload new pictures, and reannotate my WIPs page, but right now? I’m off to AngelKnits!

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