In other news

I owe you all two weeks of news don’t I? So, condensed into one post, here we go:

Rubber Ball weekend was hectic. I did TG on the Friday, Got home about 7am Saturday, to then get woken up around 11:30 to go Shopping (when I had specifically said to the person that woke me up I wasn’t planning on going Sunday due to having a wedding reception to attend on Saturday evening!!)

Did that, fun but hectic. Didn’t spend too much money, I bought some new toys, and a lovely stuffed puppy I’ve called Frobisure (pic to follow at some point soon…). Fell in love with him on the stand, had to adopt and take him home.

As alluded to above, one of my Best mates got married on the 8th as well, so I hired a Streetcar, and off I popped after the shopping to Oundle. Whizz Whizz up the motorway!

Whizz Whizz back down for more socilising around a mates house, then home evenutally!

Monday 10th, my usual second Monday Docklands social thing. I host it, so I couldn’t not go, but I excused myself early, because of 2nd job interview in the morning. You know how that went, so I won’t go on again!

Angel Knits, NWktog, Thursday I enjoyed “A Night In”TM and enjoyed that so much, I went back again Friday! 😉 I stayed home and chilled. Did some dyeing, watched telly, slobbed a bit 🙂

Saturday just gone, Ally Pally. 🙂 Then Sunday was spent watching the Chinese GP, sorting out the Yarn-Barf that the Pink handdyed got itself into (one of the skein’s anchor strings broke in the dye bath! Horrid tangle insued 🙁 ) and attending the Rope Social/Workshop held for Midori as she was over from San Fransisco. Fun, Teaching and Socilising, all good things. Oh, and Thank you lots to VL1 for the lift!

Hopefully, the next few weeks are going to be less hectic, but with my birthday on the Horizon, I’m guessing not!

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