Ever need a day to be 28hrs? I know I do!

Wha! Just a quick update to tell you all I’ve been too busy RL again!

I’ve got a stack of Pics I need to upload, but for now… (and to remind myself what I want to do later!)

I made stitch markers, and Wow! 🙂

I’ve dyed some yarn, and it looks lovely.

I’ve been out since last monday, and there is no sign of it letting up yet!

I’ve made the decision to frog the FMB, cos I knitted it “correct gauge”, which means it is is too tight to felt.

I bought some Noro Silver thaw, which is lovely, but I’m going to frog the scarf I started with that, and make it narrower, and take it up a needle size as well, to give it some drape.

Also, look here!
first SP giftie
Thank you SP6! Love it all!

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