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I’m sure that some of you by now have wandered over my WIP page. The last two FO objects are what I want to rave about here.

I’ve taken a side branch from Knitting, and done some dyeing and stitchmarker making… I’m rather chuffed with my results as well.

I bought kool-aid from the net, and some Cygnet “Superwash” in DK and “Wool Rich” in Aran from John Lewis.

As I said in my WIP page, the dyed results came out variagated. I suspect I made the water too hot to start with, so that the wool just absorbed the dye instantly as I put it in the bath, which meant that there wasn’t enough dye for the top half! I sprinkled a contrasting colour on the white bits though, and both sets have come out lovely. 🙂 I’m rather taken with the Blue one, that is the DK, and I think you could call it “sea wave green” really. Not sure I could ever make another though 🙁 Anyone got any ideas about what to do wtih 50g of Yarn?

I contrasted the Aran pink with some Yellow, which is OK, but not as lovely as the DK IMHO.

I also discovered after the fact that Superwash Wool absorbs the dye faster and quicker than natural wool anyway, and tends to look more vibrant as well.. so hey, I’ll have to try to replicate my results 🙂

I then did some Laines du Nord, which came out a lot more solid. This 100% wool feels very silky, I’m going to enjoy knitting it I suspect. I did a double bath on the purple, adding the lighter skein after the dark one, so they are the same shade but differing intensity… Came out very cool, so I think I’m learing intarsia for a vertically striped scarf with this!

The Orange and Green? Well, I’ve got some more Kool-aid, so I’m going to make some more there, not suer what I’m making it into yet though…

I did some intense Scarlet last night too, 200g all at once! It is an ebay lot, an unspecified rough feeling 100% wool. I suspect it may become a bag. Maybe with something else I dye up in a matching colour…

All this creativity. It makes me happy. Surprisingly large amounts as well.

That has to be saying something about my state of mind, I’m probably looking for some form of “fulfilment” that I’m not getting in some sphere of life or the other right now. *shrug*

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