Ally Pally – Yummy!

Fun fun fun, lots of walking, but I didn’t actually buy lots. Nothing really leapt out at me and said “take me home”…

I attended the “Sewing up techniques” Debbie Bliss gave, although it was only the one technique, matress st. How cool is that! I know, I know, but I just wasn’t getting it from books. So much bettter when someone shows you! I also got a ball of her Baby Cashmerino… In peach. Not sure what I’m going to do with that…

I got a nice set of Birch 9mm needles and a small skein of “House of Hemp” variagated to swatch up with. Also lots of inspirartion and some truffles from Linday London.. I didn’t buy a set of Addi Glitter. Surprisingly bendy, which I don’t like in a needle.

I couldn’t find the hip-knits stand… 🙁 I fondled stuff at Touch, Collinette, Get Knitted (Isn’t Bamboo strange?) and various other stalls, but… *shrug* I didn’t get “the whisper” from anything… Although, I might just have a bash at felting (as opposed to fulling) one of these days… I love the colours!

I had a go at some extreme knitting, remembering what Lixie said about keeping the tree trunks, *ahem!* needles on the floor. Rather cool really.

Pixeldiva had lots of cool pics of kids learing a new craft on her camera! Laura looked far more relaxed that I suspect she as supposed to be form being on the relax and knit all day, and I also bumped into an old friend who is now apparently the World Authority on Lucetting… And to think I was there the first time he picked up a lucet and started fumbling about with it about 12 years ago!

I am in love with “Elle Sensual” yarn. I have never felt anything so soft, the yarn balls snuggle your neck when you fondle them, and the drape is to die for, the fabric surprisingly heavy. A Fabric with Gravitas, it hugs you when you wrap it round you.

My Mum heard “the whisper” from it, so we bought three ball to make her a scarf. I’m starting it off for her, as she isn’t a “native knitter” and as it is soooo fluffy, she will have a hard time of in until she gets going.

However, we walked around the corner from Taj Crafts to the GMC stand, where they have the “Elle Sensual” coat from Knitting on display.


The Guy at the stand let us try it on… *sigh*

It is phenominal. (Although the sewing up leaves a touch to be desired on the sample)

I want one. (Although, I think I would have to make the skirt flare more to fit my hips, the sleeves were the perfect length, as was the coat!)

I don’t care that it would be tedious hours of St St on 5mm needles.

It will be so worth it.

Looking at the garment, if you tried to get something like that in the shops, you are probably not looking at change from £1000, so £120 or so in yarn seems to be rather a bargain… The GMC guy (who is not a knitter) said that it was the first time he had ever been so wowed with a piece of knitting.

Guess what I’m asking for for B’day/Xmas!

It feels so good against your skin! Quite frankly, I want to make one, and then act all “Porn-Star”, and wear it, a huge diamond necklace, and absolutely nothing else… Hmm…. Maybe I should make a dress first! Matching Undies too, or is that just excessive… 😉

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