Yarn and its foilbles

Isn’t it strange that yarn wants to follow you home, and then tells you, ney, demands of you, what project it wants to be…

I think I have made a theory. If I get the yarn and immedialy have to cast on with it (Like I have with some Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon, demanding to be be a little evening bag, and the Noro Silver Thaw I ordered from ebay wanting to be a scarf and hat set… and I get the feeling that the Louisa Harding Kimono Ribbon wants to be another lacy “Lauren” type shawl, but I’m going to need the needle out of my FMB for that!), it loves me and I should love it back by allowing it to become what it wants to be ASAP.

If I buy yarn, and it ends up languishing in my stash, then it is obviously grumpy, and I’m going to have problems helping it become…

So maybe I should pass it on to someone that it can be helped by… Or, maybe, I just need to sit down with it, stroke it nicely and let it talk to me for a while… I can see the advert now: “Wanted: Yarn Therapist required for grumpy stash” ??? 😉

I have concluded however, that you really can only have so many WIPs though, however impatient your yarn is to become! I think I have 6 right now, which really is too much eh?

Still I’m aiming to complete one this weekend (I have to, its deadline is Saturday!) and I suspect that I will just frog that blasted Opal sock (However pretty the Yarn is) and then ebay the yarn, pattern, needles etc, and never let sock knitting on 2.5m DPNs darken my thoughts again! 😉

Oh, and in another related but seperate burst of creativity, I’ve started making beaded stitch-markers. Very pretty… Stirling Silver findings, and Italian Glass beads. I may well ebay some of those too!

I’ve even learned how to put beads on things, so my new Noro has a little “Made with love” bead attached to the hem. It obviously wants to be a snuggly pressie for someone!

I’ll take some pictures over the weekend. I promise…


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