Weekend fun… and not so much fun…

Hmm.. I appear to have caught “the contagion” going about at my Re-enactment weekend…

Matt was playing a beggar struck down with “the ague”, he was all made up “pale and fevered”, and as he roamed around the house, various other people “caught” this disease, and gradually got paler, spottier and we “lost” 4 people to it in the end.

All jolly good fun, however… I’ve obviously had an allergic reaction to something, my face has come up in a lovely rash and my eyelids are all swollen! 🙁

So, I’m on the anti-histamine (For the first time in my life!) and waiting for “the pox” to pass… I’ve heard of method acting, but this is rediculous! tee hee!

I enjoyed Oakwell lots. Cooking in that kitchen is certainly a juggling act, and no mistake! Oakwell is a fully restored 17thC house, the Curator, Staff and “Friends of Oakwell” have made damn sure that everything is as cool and authentic as can be, and it is a wonderful play to go and play in.

As far as what I was up to, the “Kitchen” room is wonderfully kitted out. Nice big tables, a little larder, a open hearth, and a “Range”, based on a similar one in Scotton hall Scarborugh, and from a cooking perspective, made making the “small pan” cooking ( Drop Scones, Tansys, Sauces etc) a great deal easier! It is however a late 80’s edition, in terrible modern brick. It apparently gives off Carbon Monoide when heated, and it does not have a proper Flue.

(Add that to the Sulfur Dioxide that the Coalfire gives off, and I suspect that is where my rash has come from! Either that, or the Nivea “intensive care” moisturiser I borrowed from Marika.)

We also know that the “Kitchen” probably wasn’t the real kitchen of the Hall, as there is no account of it being so in the hall copiuos documentation, and the hearth is certainly too small for the room to have been in a Real kitchen, IMHO.

(Oh, and do they ever sweep the chimney? The amount of smoke hanging around inside seems to indicate not… I must look up it the next time I’m there!)

We had real problems getting the three pots that we did get on it on it! I’m guessing most, if not all of the Fire furniture is repro, but that grate is horrid. Far too high, far too small… 🙂 The hearth has a working period “fire crane”, which is nice as it goes, but gets in the way more than it helps, as the installed grate is soo high off of the hearth!

Our Kitchen Elf Dobie (Mr Costello) did a remarkably good job of playing with the fire for us, nothing would have got cooked if not for him. I hope he is OK, I kept having to remind him to drink enough water!

My Kitchen helpers were all superb too, my thanks to Claris and Francis, Anthea, Sharon, Tracey and Aurora!

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