Quick “last post” of the month!

I know, I’ve left you all alone for 10 days again, then 2 posts in one day!

Generally, I’ve been doing “other stuff” that doesn’t involve a PC… mostly creative, and some fun outings. Oh, and spending far too much money on ebay!

I took a load of pictures and uploaded them to my WIP page on Monday, and I have to add to that again this weekend with progress on two projects *and* my new NORO project *and* making stitch-markers, as promised.

I also want to upload some general pictures of stuff, but just haven’t had time to format the pages! Make the site a little more “general interest”, rather than totally knitting obsessed! 😉

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to my friend Leanne’s Wedding to Nick. She didn’t invite many people from our social crowd at all, so I feel honoured that she picked me for an invite.

It was a really good time, small, friendly and celebratory. I wish them much happiness.

I also went to Club Hades after the reception, much imbibed with WINE! and CHAMPANGE! from the wedding! :*)

I have to congratulate Danny, Paula, G and team for creating what I think is going to be one of the best events in London. Yes, my perspective was much blinkered by the amount of Alcohol I had consumed, but it seems that they have actually listened to the players, creating a club for the players, rather than just an “Ego w*nk to make money” as most other Club promoters seem to do in London…

I know from my perspective, I gave out lots of hugs and snogs, *everyone* I knew seemed to be there! Looking to get my ticket for next month already!

I also had a job interview on Wednesday. I apparently made a good impression, and the job is definately somewhere I want to end up… So, fingers crossed there!

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