OK OK OK! I know, I’m a bad blogger!

I hear you… I’ve “bad” in the updating thing! Hey, I did warn you that I’m not too good at documenting life! Far too busy living inside it instead!

One promised Knitting disaster story. My poor girl Lauren. 🙁

This isn’t a story of woe, but it is a story of indecicion. Like any good story, it has a Hero, and a Careless Instigator.

I was at NWktog before the BH and I decided I would do a round on the girl, so, off I start… and get about 6 p4togs accross the 1st row when OOPSS!!!! I drop a stitch off the left needle as I’m gathering up the next p4tog!

Unraveling ensues!!! And not just Lauren either! 🙁 Apparently I went rather white. After all, Lauren is effectivly “Lace Knitting”, (even if she is on 15mm needles!) so she is not easy to just pick back up again, and she instantly fell out 3 rows when I dropped the stitch. I had visions of having to frog her all out and start again, because silly me hasn’t been using lifelines.

However, after a couple of false starts, Natalie, the Knitting Goddess of the Golders Green Group put the girl all back together.

I’m now in a quandry though. I’m suposed to be up to the round which leaves 124 st on the needles, but due to my dropping, and having to knit 6 together at one point in the ladder to rescue her, I’m still on 120, which means the last two 2 sets are the same length.

The pattern creates a flattened hexagon, and although you cannot see where Natalie rescued her in the lace, I’m afraid that if I leave it like that and carry on, I’m going to end up all wonky.

Being a perfectionist when it comes to knitting, it feels really really wrong to just leave it like that and carry on, so I really have two choices 1) Frog it all and start again. (losing 4.6hrs of work in the process) or 2) tink back until I get to the 116st set and then start again from there. (Which will take me around 2 hours I suspect)

I haven’t decided yet. Not sure I will for a while either… I do know that when I do deal with her, I’m using lifelines from now on!

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