Yawn Yawn… Too much to do, not enough time!

I’m feeling guilty about not ‘blogging.. See I’m far too busy living life to talk about it all!

Throat is still sore, but I think I’m over the worse now. I have made the decision though, that going out Saturday night has to be a short one, otherwise, I won’t make my Brunch appointment for 12:30 on Sunday!

Not sure when I’m going to get to sit down at home either this weekend, I’ve got my plate full again, I’m trying to fit too much into my downtime.

I have finished my neck shrug though! I took it to NWk2tog, and Jane convinced me that picking up a row off of the “dead” end of the piece, and then knitting a few more rows from it and then making a 3 needle cast off was the way to play.

So, I did that, and it worked a treat!

Sari Silk Neck Shrug
Well, almost, I dropped a couple of stitches off of the front needle withouth realising I hadn’t gone through them, and only spotted it at the end! A pain, and so shows that I’d never done a 3-needle before, but nothing that a crochet hook and some weaving in couldn’t fix!

I also made a finger-braid for the pull cord of Handbag, (Rather than the twisted cord M&S recommend…) so it really is just a case of weaving in its ends and making a lining up for it at some point in the near. I *might* put a couple of tassles on the corners, as there is a little yarn left over, but not enough to be useful!

I’ve also ordered some 9mm DPNs to do a “French Market Bag” from Knitty. Lixie made one, and although she made it huge, in a very nice Debbie Bliss, the wool felted like a maniac, and she has ended up with a small handbag! It looks really sweet though. Hope mine turns out half as nice!

I’ve also cast on and first row’d for my sock! So, that WIP can get a new pic and a 1% in its bar, when I get back to my PC!

In fact, I’ve got lots of new pics I need to take… Can someone find me a time twister please? You know, like Hermionie has in Prisoner of Askabhan?

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