Sometimes I wish I was ‘A lady of Leisure…’

So much to do, so little time… and work sure cuts onto your day, doesn’t it!

Not much to say. I had a fantastic weekend, ST was so on form, very full, and we had fun-fun-fun all night.

The Turkish GP was a breath of Fresh air as well, Herman Tilke finally providing a “new-style” track that has verve, bite and a wonderful corner, “Turn 8”, a 4-apex left-hander, comperable in excitment to 130r, Eau Rouge, Becketts and all the other “most memorable” corners in Formula one tracks.

and I even managed a little sock-knitting whilst the preamble was happening!

Talking of Knitting, I had another revelation on Saturday. I was watching the qualifying, and I managed to click into “knitting without looking”! Not sure I could do it for small yarns, but for the FMB, on 9mm with nice big wool? It was so easy! 🙂

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