Now, *that* was a weekend…

Oh yes, oh yes, my that was a GOOD ONE.

Busy busy.

Friday: London Munch. I had to bail at around 21:30, simply because of last week’s sleep deprivation, but it was so nice to catch up with folk, and get my hug quota up.

Saturday:Kinkfest 2. The Workshop I gave with EGO went well. People came up to both of us afterwards and told us what a good job we had done in educating them, so hey, I must know something about it all! 😉

After that, I pretty much chilled out at the event for the rest of the day. My Spring Ligament injury has been particularly painful all week, and I don’t think standing up for the majoritory of the day helped the poor things much!

So, KF day was followed by the AfterParty, and that was fun in itself! I played with quite a few people, and suspect that I could have played with quite a few more! Ahh the woes of being popular 😉 I had rather a few intense scenes as well, I’m not normally that free in a club, but it seemed right, so I went for it far more sadisticaly than is usual for me… The recipient had a huge ‘dorphed-up grin on his face, so that cannot be too bad at all!

I think we got home around 5am, and woke up about 2pm on Sunday, got up around 6pm, went and found dinner at Bar38, watched “Top Gear” and back to bed for 10pm. Woke up at 6am, and sent him off to work with a very happy grin… Sleep and foolin’ around, so good for the soul! 😉