Never update your ‘blog from more than 1 PC!

Blurg! I’ve just editied the saved version at home, and uploaded it, before I remember that the version I had on my PC wasn’t the latest version!

I have that saved at work, so I can stitch it all back together on Monday, but it is annoying!

I managed another round of Lauren today whilst I was sitting at Granddad’s, so she is up to 116 Stitches on the needles. 🙂 128 is row 27, I will have to work my percentages out!

I ripped out the 2 sock rows I did, I dropped a stitch off of the needles right in the middle of a row, and it just all undid to the bottom. 🙁 No saving it with only 2 rows. I have some bamboos in 2.5 now, so hopefully, that will work better.

I went to Loop yesterday, and fondled the Silk-Garden again, but am being restrained on buying yarn as I have far too much stash!!! I did get some 9mm Addi turbos though, so I can do the FMB and a “Katcha-Katcha” Row counter , it was hiding, waiting for me to unearth it and take it home! 😉

I’ve also started the cast on for a “mystery project” I cannot tell you about it until after we give it to the recipient, in case she reads about it! Not sure I’m going to enjoy it though, it is Cotton, a yarn I haven’t used before, and it is to a specific demention, something else I’ve never done! yikes!

On other things, I’m feeling much better, cold had just about buzzed off. I’m off out tonight for lots of fun at Club Subversion, then Brunch tommorow around at my mate Harry’s, then onto the LFF and probably the LFF AMP. *note to self* Don’t forget to Sleep!

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