I’ve given in to peer pressure…

…and I’ve balled up a skein of pretty 100% space-dyed merino from my stash (Thank you flat mate for being my swift! Far too much yarn in the skein for my little swift!) and swatched up onto 4mm needles (I know, I know, I don’t do swatches!) for a

I don’t think it looks too bad… Half-finished swatch Pic is here: Clapotis Swatch I’ve done it St st as that is what the pattern called for under gauge.

I’m about 1/2 finished on the square. It is very pretty colours isn’t it!! The fabric feels quite a bit rougher than I was expecting from merino though… Let me guess, that means that my needles are too small?

Pretty please??? 😉 Yes, I’m hating all “the swatching time”… started the swatch at 23:15, and stopped knitting at 00:45! An hour and a half for 5cm! Means it will take me *forever* to knit this! *sigh*

I also joined the clapotisknitallong yahoo group, will see how I get along there!

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