I think by now you can all guess…

… that I’m too busy living life at the weekend’s to ‘blog it! 😉

How did the sewing go, I hear you cry? Well, it went well, but took far too long! I hate these last minute sewing projects that I seem to get myself into! It took about 7 hours all told, from pattern lifting to last stitch. The pattern I took, even after adding a generous seam allowance to it after drawing it out, was a snug fit, but hey, they looked fantastic like that, very stroke-able. 🙂

I was so terrified I had cocked it all up, but he put them on, and it looked fabby. So, happy Nikki!

The party went well also, we did get there late because of manic sewing efforts though. But it was a very fun time, and worth the effort I feel.

Needless to say, I didn’t get any knitting done over the weekend, too busy sewing and drinking Wine. 😉 I did fix the Initial website page last night though, so it looks how I want it to now. It also means that the whole site is using CSS-P.

I have a date tonight, (Although, I’m not sure I actually want to go on it!) so no more knitting or other crafty things… Unless of course I leave early! I have a new WAP to configure for home as well… I suspect that will have to wait until Thursday, as it is busy busy untill then.

Clapotis? I moved the swatch up to 5mm, and it seemed to knit a lot batter, so I frogged the swatch (no use wasting the yarn!) and cast on using 5mm needles. I’m up to row 10 on it, but I’ve spotted a mistake about 3 rows back, I’ve dropped a stitch on the edge. It won’t be hugely noticeable, but I’ll know it is there.

What I will probably do is frog it again and take it up to 6mm. That should make it really “floppy” which is what you want from a shawl! Cast on tommorow at Angel Knits. 🙂

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