I had my duvet day…

… did sweet FA pretty much, and feel one heck of a lot better for it! 🙂 I think I have managed to scare away the sore throat, so that is all good.

Had my date on Thursday. It went well, but no “spark” there when I hugged him goodbye, so, hey, I’ve made another friend, but I think that is about that really.

Out and about again tonight, U35 Munch, and then ST. Should get home about 4am, and then of course, it is the Turkish Grand Prix is tommorow, so I’m glued to the telly from midday Sunday.

Haven’t got much knitting done, I will have to update the WIP percentages though.

I’m up to Row 17 on the sock, the second section on my mystery pressie, and 86/200 stitches on the needles for the base of the FMB. No work at all on Lauren, and Clapotis is going to have to wait!

PixelDiva, bless her, has offered to cast it on for me, and deal with the initial section, so I will take her up on that Tuesday!

Oh, and I finally started a Links page.

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